• Natty"Blackman"


How does one begin to microscopically identify themselves, given the cluster of obstacles that surround mankind every day. In our homes we are constantly bombarded by destructive sounds, visuals and tangibles that distance us from reality. The norm has become the abnormal and the other way round.

The inflicted fear that we are currently breathing and breeding, is nothing but cancer that diminishes and extracts the beauty and originality of mankind. Yes FEAR is the base of all panics, anxiety sinks in, paranoia takes charge and outside forces take over. What happens to the mindset and environmental structures during then is nothing but a designed formula.

When do you stop and breath? how do you stop? and what are you breathing? where are you to inhale and exhale to allow your senses to recalibrate. These and many more question are around you everyday. All we need to do is find that button that activates the emergency brake, STOP does not mean its the end of the road, instead its reminding you to look around, reset, adjust and proceed.

"As always be you and I be me".

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