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The Power of Words

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

G7 had the honor to rap with a Young King Thabiso Afurakan Mohare

The words we speak and project have power to destroy or build, in essence through words the world can indeed be changed to achieve equality for all. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcom X, Marcus Garvey, Steve Biko, Mahtma Gandhi to Nelson Mandela. They all used their voices without no weapon at hand. The dream to see a new day, the commitment to fight for the masses and the sacrifices they endured where all embedded in their words.

The Youth of today has come to realization that through words reforms can be implemented, policies can be altered, people can be heard and change can be made. The magnitude of voices chanting can never be ignored, the depth of each voice that comes from the thousands of people seeking change is like like footsteps of an elephant coming from afar.

The Student Uprising of 1976 in South Africa is an example of what words and resilience can do, the protest in Morocco and Turkey came with change of leadership. The "Fees Must Fall " in South Africa required the government to change the policies in regards to higher fees. The BLM is currently the force behind the voices of many. Ever since the killing of Trayvon Martin to the recent killing of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter communities have not given up.

The objective will always be to attain that peace and equality, fighting the forces that be is what the masses have taken to sacrifice day in and day out. The systemic structures continue to suppress and deny the masses a piece of that pie which is peace of mind. Through it all people continue to protest and use their voices from all levels and platforms.

"It always seems impossible, until its done" Nelson Mandela later lived to see the fruits of his sacrifices. He never stopped to allow his voice to be heard, in prison he was still a threat to the oppressor and yet he found means to communicate with the masses outside. Until that day in April when he came out a s a free man walking side by side his wife Winnie Makizela Mandela.

Martin Luther King Jr is no different from Nelson Mandela, he was emphatic and fearless. The " I Have a Dream" speech still echoes in many building and households. The speech has never been so relatable than now. The unification of all races fighting for the equality of the other race, voices coming from all corners of the globe to support the movement and cause, The world is being shaken gentle in the words of Mahtma Gandhi, it seems the more people show nonviolent resistants the system reacts in a negative way. Not surprising because they don't want to see that picture perfect image of people coming together. The reason being that it denies them the opportunity to bring out their toys of war.

Steve Biko said it best "it is better to die for an idea that will live, that to live for an idea that will die".Even though he came from a different school of thought, he used his voice to organize and rally the black communities to organize the cause to fight White domination. Marcus Garvey said "With confidence you have won before you have started" All these individuals never vacillated their options nor doubted what they believed was the right move. Moving with conviction and using the voice to demand and conquer. "Continue to voice, and never allow them to mute your voice".

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