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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

G7 had the honor to rap with two Young Queens, d'bi.young Anitafrika & Connie Chiume...

Young Queens,Mothers, Nubians....yes our Sisters, they are indeed our Queendom. The power and resilience they posses, the passion to care and cherish, the will to fight just like a Lioness. The love, beauty, presence and above all their existence is something to envy and fight for. They have endured the pain and compromised for the wellbeing of the community to preserve the livelihood of who we are and will always be.

Our Young Queens have been tourtured, abused, misrepresented, misunderstood let alone denied the opportunity to execute and apply their intelligence. The inequalities that disadvantageously close doors for Young Queens have been the most used tool/s to suppress and alienate. The Queendom always will stand and the Nubians will always circumvent the obstacles to attain and lead the way.

Black Women are climbing the ladder of success in leadership roles and in the business world. Given these success stories they continue to "hold it down"in the their households and keeping that organic energy that every family needs and breeds in. The society taints a bad image on them, tries to change their appearance, brainwash their imagination and not to mention disconnect them from their culture. Society has put forth a false presentation from all spectrums, thus telling the Black Woman how and what to do to look a certain way to be accepted by society.

Unfortunately it has worked and its still navigating its ways amongst many and currently more evident on our Young Princesses. Therefore it will take a strong hearted Nubian to accept and embrace their skin, hair, facial structure, body shape, and yes their drive to fulfill their ambition. Though the ambition will bring forth rejection by society, sexism in the workplace and abuse in the household. Through it all she still continues to fight.....why does she have to fight?

Black Woman hold your ground and keep that light shining and yes the Young Kings will be here to support and carry you when you fall. The systems and structures that hinder and denigrate the very essence of the black community, are here to wipe away the source. Black Queen you are the source and reservoir that bears this100% melanin specimen that has become extinct by way of police brutality and incarceration. They are taking away the very seed that you carried and cared for 9months, the umbilical cord may not be visible after it was cut the very first minutes when you brought that Young Prince to this earth. You and only You can still feel the connection and this is why you have never given up on US Young Kings and Young Queens.

Black is beautiful and Black always will be beautiful.....you love from the heart, you care from the depth of your skin and when you speak you resound richness with your melodic and calming voice. Allow yourself to never be told otherwise because you are the pillar an backbone of the community. There is a void within society to appreciate and succumb to a force that you are and project day in and day out. Continue to climb and lead the way Young Queen, the world needs you and you belong to MotherEarth.

The fight is far from being won, and the joy that comes from winning is yet to be seen. History has been the best despite the plague that continues to wipe the mindset and structures created by your power and resilience. At the end of it all like Harriet Tubman, Rosa, Winnie Madikizela Mandela, Shirley Chisholm, Constance Baker Motley, Dorothy Height, Fannie Lou Hamer, Barbara Jordan, Condoleezza Rice, Susan Rice, Michelle Obama and the list goes on. All have defied the odds and fought their way to become leaders and played significant roles in their positions.


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