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Structural Inequities in Health. How COVID19 Has Illuminated Inequities in Health of Black People

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

G7 had the honor to rap with a Young Queen Athena Cross

Talk of disparities and inequities, it's become more evident during this pandemic that the reality of such is indeed a part of our everyday. How as people we find ourselves in that corner of desperation and mockery still baffles the minds of many. What has to give to allow the Black communities the equality they deserve?. It is a question for many days, weeks, months and decades to come.

The dilapidated house holds, the imbalanced health system that favors and serves the few, the distribution of good and healthy foods. The list goes on and every time the issues are brought forth, it always feels like the Black people are not appreciative. As a matter of fact, it's not about being appreciative. This is about giving back what should have been distributed and shared

amongst all. There is always going to be differences in terms of ideographic wealth, what is needed is the basic fundamentals that allow citizens to receive adequate health care, food and education that empowers.

When crack was the epicenter and number killer of Black communities, the system never helped to resolve the primary root. Instead Black people where stigmatized, marginalized and arrested many left to die in streets. Fast forward to 2019 the opiod manifested in the white communities, the system runs to pour millions to rescue and rehabilitate. The epic is later called a disease and never denouncing that its no t a different form the crack era.

The access to health care, the lack of resources for the Black women during and after pregnancy. How many more years of this MESS, how much more ANGUISH and PAIN should Black people endure at the cost of their skin color. The privileges that are taken away by means of class, financial status, literacy and hierarchy will continue to deny the black people the leverage they need. NOW lest not get it twisted, Black people are intelligent, rich in ideas, they honor and appreciate the cultural hierarchy that embodies discipline and respect for the wellbeing being. What is happening is that.....opportunities are barricaded to never allow Black people to gain leverage and control of their creativity and information to understand the business.

There is change thoughts very minimal, it will require Black people to act upon changes and be a noted front to combat this poverty, illiteracy and lack of better education and housing. The time to act is now, the unification the masses is going to be the anchor to create a stronger community that is rich not only monetary but creatively and cultural. Look around Young Kings and Queens and tell me what you see.

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