A Journey Of A Thousand Miles

There is many roads that lead to a start of a journey, the first step of many is determined by the intent and reason/s behind. Journeys are decided based on many choices, they range from environment, economics, relationships, education and not to mention physical and emotional.

A journey can be a simple shift of one's mindset, inspiration, change of behavior and societal perception. How far one embarks on that particular journey, its up to the traveller and their resilience to obstacles and bumps along the way. Fear plays a pivotal part in ones journey, courage becomes a tool to always want to go further, society can be a springboard or a dungeon that leads failure.

The ability to sustain the challenges that life throws along the way, is not only a detriment but a strong source to outweigh the negatives and rather invest in experiences that lay ahead on the journey. The quality of one's journey is always depended on what you prepare your journey on, some prefer rough terrains and trenches because of the challenges they present. Therefore requiring one to use what ever tools and mindset to get through the hardships. The evidence of outcome is the strength and agility to withstand course.

As for some they would rather cruise on paved roads, once again journeys are subjective, the out come may not be the same as the terrains and trenches but will result in tangible outcomes that one can reflect on. The big question is, do we ever reach our destination ?. As people we succumb to many obstacles that deter and deviate us from our destiny. Fortunately with focus and support there is that willingness to be vulnerable, allowing room to take risk and face the unknown.Being a student of is what gives us the force and wisdom to face each and every step of the journey and many thousand steps with an attitude to succeed.

Never fear to take that step, allow your feet to move, let your brain make the decision and the legs will trust the brain and the choices that will bear forth success and in some instances the journey never bears positiveness. In such instances don't give up, execute plan B and continue with the journey. As the Ethiopian proverb will say" If you pick up one end of the stick you also pick up the other"

As always be you and I be me

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